Introduction to the Proxmark Platform

The Proxmark is an RFID swiss-army tool, allowing for both high and low level interactions with the vast majority of RFID tags and systems world-wide. Originally built by Jonathan Westhues over 10 years ago, the device has progressively evolved into the industry standard tool for RFID Analysis.
Its versatility has seen it adapted to many industries and uses: from RFID enthusiasts, academic research, product development, law enforcement and penetration testing.
There has been a rapid evolution of the hardware and software in the last few years, resulting in mature and minaturised versions of the hardware. There are revisions optimised for in-the-field use, such as red-teaming or pen-testing, and desktop versions tweaked for research use in the office or lab. In September 2021, the "iCopy-X" was released - a completely portable and standalone RFID Cloning device with an embedded Proxmark 3. The iCopy-X is the most versatile Proxmark-powered device to date - a culmination of many efforts to make an electronically stable, physically compact and portable device that is easy to use, while maintaining full control for expert users.

Who uses a Proxmark?

Penetration Testing

The miniature size of latest Proxmark, along with its standalone mode and Android-based tools make it the ideal tool for testing, sniffing, replaying and cloning in red-teaming environments.
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Access to low-level sniffing, logging, demodulating and replay tools make the Proxmark a must-have device for anyone developing products or services in the RFID space.
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The Proxmark is the tool behind all major RFID Security Research breakthroughs: Mifare Classic Crypto cracking, Mifare PRNG analysis, VingCard exploitation & defeat to name a few.
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RFID Enthusiast

The Proxmark is found on the desk of thousands of hobbyists, hackers and makers worldwide. Its comprehensive codebase provides simple RFID reading, writing, cloning, cracking, and emulation.
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Proxmark Hardware

Over the last ten years, there have been several generations and revisions of the Proxmark hardware.
There are several non-supported and legacy devices, and also off-market / clone versions devices as well.
The below table summarises the Proxmark 3 hardware variations.

If you are looking to purchase hardware, it is recommended purchasing current and supported hardware.



The iCopy-X is the ultimate RFID cloner device.

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Proxmark RDV4

Proxmark RDV4

Made for pen-testers. Tiny, discreet and expandable.

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Proxmark EVO

Proxmark EVO

Built for researchers, developers and hackers. Small foot-print, internal antennas.

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Proxmark RDV2

Proxmark RDV2

Retired. The first compact and portable Proxmark 3.

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Proxmark easy

Proxmark easy

Retired. Originally designed as a low-cost version for the Chinese domestic market.

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Proxmark 3

Proxmark 3

Ritred. The original Proxmark 3.

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Proxmark News & Updates

Due to its Open Source nature, the Proxmark Project has a tendency to move very quickly. Stay on top of the latest news below.
Wednesday, September 01, 2021 latest-updates
The Proxmark 3 RDV4 Accessories have been updated to match the new 4.01 release of the Proxmark 3. The iCopy-X has the following functionality: Auto Clone Scan (Basic Info) Read (LF + HF) Sniff (MIFAR…
Tuesday, May 21, 2024 latest-updates
After much anticipation, the Bluetooth + Battery kit has been released for the Proxmark 3 RDV4 / 4.01. Named the "BlueShark" - it is a powerful, refined piece of hardware, bringing the following funct…

Proxmark Resources

With over 10 years of legacy hardware and code, finding up-to-date accurate tutorials, reference documents and firmware can be a difficult task.
Below is a curated, regularly updated list of Proxmark 3 tutorials and resources.

Where to buy

The Proxmark & iCopy-X are professionaly designed, sensitive, high performance devices. As with any RF device, manufacturing tolerances and supply chain reliability must be kept tight. While it may be tempting to purchase a 'discount' device from AliExpress - these are grey market clones - with poor performance and lifespan.

For the Proxmark RDV4, there are only two official distributors: Lab401 and Hacker Warehouse.

For the iCopy-X, genuine devices can be purchased directly from the Official Site, or Authorised Resellers.

High quality tools require some investment; purchase from an official distributor to avoid frustration and to support the engineers that maintain the Proxmark Platform.

Europe -

Lab401 provides RFID, RF and Penetration Testing tools for the European market, specialising in hand-picked, high quality tools.

  • EU warehouses and shipping: Fast, tracked delivery with no import duties
  • Law enforcement and academic discounts available
  • Exclusive range of hard to find RFID cards: 
    • Android Compatible Mifare, Ultralight, NTAG..
    • Desfire, Ultralight EV1, NTAG21X Emulators

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USA - Hacker Warehouse

Hacker Warehouse provides the full spectrum of tools for security professionals: non-destructive entry tools, RF & RFID tools, and a wide variety of pen-testing hardware.

  • USA warehouses and shipping: Fast, tracked delivery with no import duties
  • Law enforcement and academic discounts available
  • Professional Training provider
  • Penetration Testing provider

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The iCopy-X can be purchased from the official site, or from Authorised Regional Distributors.

All Authorised Distributors hold genuine stock, provide an official warranty, offer tracked shipping and can support iCopy-X devices.

Official Site

iCopyX Official

Authorised Regional Distributors



Australia / New Zealand